I would like to fabricate wood furniture and products using CNC processes. Where do I begin?

You can begin by emailing us. We are always ready to discuss your project in detail. It is helpful to send us supporting materials such as drawings and image references if you are able to. We will follow up with recommendation of the best way to forward your project and answer any question you may have.

What kind of custom projects do our workshop take on?

Custom crafted objects are more costly than factory produced goods because of the difference in economies of scale and higher level of client servicing. Prices can be a few times more than an off the shelf product. We encourage clients to approach us for projects when they:

+ are in love with our portfolio and would like us to create an object in our unique style.
+ are looking for a statement furniture piece, an object which will last for a long time and add a sense of identity to your space.
+ cannot find a suitable solution from mass market for their specific needs and require a custom crafted solution.

I would like to create a CNC carved sign. Where do I begin? 

You can begin by emailing your artwork (AI, EPS or PDF) along with some basic design specifications.

Specifications which will make it easier for us to quote include:

+ Overall sign dimensions
+ Material
+ Colors
+ Indoors or outdoors?
+ Sign installation required?

What is CNC?

CNC stands for computer numerical control. In our fabrication process, we employ CNC router machines fitted with cutting bits which can remove materials along X, Y and Z axes to create relief carvings.

What are the positives of CNC carved signs in comparison with others?

Printers and laser machines produce signs which have a 'flat' appearance, because they operate on only two axes.

CNC router machines, on the other hand, operate on X,Y and Z axes and can create engravings and reliefs which are more sculptural and visually engaging. The carved effects give an impression of quality and longevity to express the character of your business, and create your identity.

What materials can I use for my sign?

Sign materials which we offer include bamboo composite, pine, meranti, balau, khaya, birch plywood, MDF, PVC hard panel and acrylic.

I would like to make a carved sign with Chinese characters. What are the font choices available?

Please select any 3 fonts from below and we will create 3 visualizations for you to choose from.

I only have a sketch and some reference images for my sign project. Can you help me?

If you don't have a ready design, we work with you on developing a sign that compliments your business or home. We can translate your sketch and reference images into a digital artwork suitable for our fabrication processes. After the design and sign material are decided on, we give you a quote to be approved and begin production.

What finishes are applied onto the signs?

Weatherproof products (such as polyurethane clear varnish) are used to paint and finish our signs.

Materials can be finished with wood stains or varnishes to create a specific tone.


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