Zhen Feng Object Workshop is a Singapore based CNC workshop dedicated to the design and production of contemporary furniture and interior goods. Guided by the approach of ‘System ⇄ Handmade’, the studio blends machine manufacturing and craft to create works that experiment with material, process and form. Through our objects, we hope to cultivate a lifestyle of simplicity and presence.

Zhen Feng Object Workshop's debut line of practical home goods is designed with dwellers of small Singapore apartments in mind. In support of sustainability, we choose to use bamboo composite as the primary material for our furniture. Bamboo is a type of woody plant which belongs to the grass species, it grows rapidly and is abundant. Engineered bamboo composite panels have good tensile strength and flexibility, their density and hardness are well suited for CNC machining. These properties combine to encourage creative exploration in furniture design.

We specialise at employing CNC router machining to create old school carved signs, engraved plaques, wedding signs and gifts for businesses, homes and events. Sign materials which we offer include bamboo, pine, meranti, balau, plywood, MDF, PVC hard panel and acrylic. Weatherproof products are used to paint and finish our signs.

Further services we provide with our CNC router machining expertise include custom precision cutting (mostly wood and plastic) and fabrication of small batch furniture. We make chairs, stools, tables, shelves & shop display systems for businesses, homes and events.


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10 Ubi Crescent
Ubi Techpark Lobby B

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